Thursday, 15 May 2008

Discover Where To Find Cheap Sunglasses At Almost Wholesale Prices!

Cheap Sunglasses doesn’t mean poor quality; they look just as good as more expensive sunglasses and stay on for cheaper prices. Depending on what you are doing, sunglasses play an important role in everyday life, whether driving, on holiday or just going to work, you can be sure to look great wherever you are.

Poor quality cheap sunglasses can cause images to distort, so here is a quick test you can do: Find a repeating pattern, like a tiled floor. Hold your sunglasses a few inches away from your face, cover one eye, and move your sunglasses gradually up and down and left and right. The lines of the pattern should remain straight. If lines twist or seem to move, they're not optical quality and will warp your vision.

Cheap sunglasses can be a fun fashion accessory, but be careful wearing them all the time if the UV protection is not up to standard, some very cheap glasses don't offer your eyes as much UV protection as a more expensive pair.

Discount sunglasses are a dime a dozen, and are usually found being sold in street markets, less reputable stores and even on the streets, you must beware of the quality of such sunglasses; many times they are nothing more than fragile frames with tinted lenses, worn for fashion rather than function. That’s why many smaller stores online have made the effort of supplying you with reliable, quality cheap sunglasses at almost discount wholesale prices!

Here is an example of their pricing on a pair of Ray Ban Aviators (RB3025):

Their Price: $148.34

Leading Store 1: $159.95
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Sun glasses are not a mere fashion statement any more. They are proven protectors of vision. Isn’t it time you looked yourself straight in the mirror and said to yourself, go get the latest designer cheap sunglasses? Well why not? …You deserve it!.